Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pictures from Pom Pom

We have so many great pictures from Pom Pom so here's a few more that didn't make the first cut:

A snake eel hiding in the sand at 15metres waiting for a snack to pass by

Sarah snorkelling over the beautiful shallow water corals of Timba Timba near Pom Pom

Juvenile fish and Damsel fish sheltering in the branching corals around Timba Timba, a key part of the reef ecosystem

A Lion fish shows no fear of anything on Pom Pom's house reef

A Toby - one of the cutest fish on the reef

A Trumpet fish hunting in the clear waters around Timba Timba

They also come in yellow!!

A Grouper lying in wait on Pom Pom's house reef

 A traditional spot for a sunset peer at the end of Pom Pom's jetty

Our and TRACC's last sunset on Pom Pom for the immediate future

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