Friday, 29 November 2013

Farewell Espana

Spent a wonderful time in Neja, at Jori’s seafront apartment, enjoying the delights of free tapas with every drink. We visited the Nerja caves, discovered in 1959 by 5 boys who were exploring some of the local caves and stumbled upon some of the largest chambers in Europe and the biggest stalactite column in the world!

We then headed to Granada for a few days to sample the wonderful Moorish and Andalusian architecture of the Alhambra and Albacin, followed by live flamenco during our evening meal, washed down with, of course, more beer and tapas!

Next, a 5 hour bus ride to Madrid watching The Simpsons in Spanish (El Simpsona). A truly impressive city, the largest in the world without a major river running through it, we only had time for an evening’s wander (and more tapas) before heading to the airport the next morning.

Thanks so much to Jori for looking after us in the Costa del Sol, a wonderful relaxing start to our journey.

So after a week of Iberian ham, chorizo, jamon, olives and sangria, Thailand here we come, via Moscow, the gateway to the Orient!?!

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  1. Looks as though the weather in Spain was better than here, Been up the church this morning to the Xmas Tree festival&D