Monday, 2 December 2013

Jamie Oliver should taste Moo Trang

Sarah is known by many for her hobby of “airport running”. We thought this was now a thing of the past until we endured a two mile run through Moscow airport at a pace that even Roger Bannister would have been left far behind!  Needless to say that it was the airline landing late which caused our transfer exercise, but with packs and in walking boots it was not fun!

After 16 hours on the move we arrived in Bangkok and then flew on to Trang in the deep south of Thailand. We were glad we had packed our waterproofs! We settled into a comfortable hotel, “My Friend”, and arose early to visit the Trang market.  When we were here 3 years ago we stumbled upon the most delicious morsels of meat called Trang Pork or Moo Trang (mood-aaannngggg). So we were keen to find it again before our onward travel to Ko Bulone Lae. This washed down with fresh coconut for breakfast for 40p, no complaints!


  1. glad to see the airport running is still alive.

  2. Airport running ha ha! Trang pork sounds good- Gary would love this! I will have to try and source it here! X