Friday, 30 January 2015

More Auckland Hospitality

Whilst in Auckland we met Peter, the Uncle of Nicky, who is a very close family friend. We'd arranged to meet Peter and his wife Bette at their place for a cup of tea, but we got much more than we bargained for! Peter and Bette were real gems and as well as afternoon tea we received sandwiches and apple turnovers. (I do mention food often in the blog postings, as normally we enjoy a diet of super noodles [quite passable, even for breakfast] - so these are culinary treats!).

It gave us great pleasure to converse with them about the NZ treks (or 'tramps' as the locals call it) as they both have vast experience of this throughout NZ and it wetted our appetite for our walks to come. We were all very excited that Nicky and her partner Richard plan to visit them soon. Bette also told us about her regular fishing escapades for snapper with her son, who lives nearby, in the local bay.

It was a real pleasant surprise that Peter and Bette invited us for dinner out on the waterfront in Auckland. The area was revamped for the Americas Cup in 2000 & 2003. We took a stroll amongst the large yachts in Viaduct Harbour and ate at the Karanga Plaza. They treated us to a delicious meal overlooking the waterfront, during which we were fortunate enough to see a seaplane land in the harbour- what great timing!

Approaching Auckland again

Having a nosy around the plush yachts at Viaduct harbour

The local crayfish looks amazing

Ahh these boats are more our size

Out for a stroll with Peter and Bette