Saturday, 4 April 2015

The End of the World

Bienvenida del Fino del Mondo – ‘Welcome to the End of the World’ the sign greets us at Ushuaia airport perched on the edge of the Beagle Chanel where South America’s roads end and a stones throw from the infamous Cape Horn.

After a week in the high thirties allowing Sarah to recharge her solar batteries it was a bit of a shock to step out onto the tarmac in 7C with a fresh breeze and snow sprinkling the nearby hills.

Ushuaia was founded on shipping and trade during the 19th century when rounding the horn was the only route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Panama canal had a major impact on the town but it remained a key naval base during the 20th century and now booms on tourism as the closest jumping off point for visitors to the big white frozen south that is Antarctica. Throughout the summer cruise ships visit Ushuaia daily, during spring and autumn smaller ships continue the trip, around 10 days and $8,000!!

The speciality dish in the restaurants of Ushuaia is butterflied lamp (whole) roasted over an open fire “cordero assado”.

Where the Andes start their journey north and south the fierce seas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern oceans meet at Cape Horn

 Ushuaia was established as a penal colony at the end of the 19th century

Red sky in the morning meant cancelled boat trip on the Beagle Channel

Steak Millanese (schnitzel) sandwich - amazing

 Traditional italian style gelatto ice-cream

Its as if they knew we were here

The truly delicious cordero assado - butterflied lamb


  1. Red sky on the morning shepherds warning!! Ushuaia, this is where I'm going to be clubbing in Ibiza this summer! Tee hee hee! Oh wow gelatto ice cream! Reminds me of Rome! Oooom lush darling Xxxx

  2. Red sky in the morning shepherds warning!! Haha!Xxx

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