Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Journey to Freedom 7 – Back to school

The following day we visited the local school. We taught them some English, played games and held a drawing class with them. The pupils were well behaved and once both parties came out a bit we got on really well. Some of the group made spring rolls, which were expertly fried by Chris indoors on an open fire (hot wok work!). We handed out the fresh spring rolls to the kids, after quality testing.

We met another young male elephant that the vet was taking care of, this one had stomach problems. Elephants, like horses, can't throw up so when they have a digestion problem it has to be worked through! The vet had been treating the elephant for a week now and he was recovering well. The elephant seemed to enjoy the watermelons we fed him.

In the afternoon, Lek, the Founder and Director of the Elephant Nature Programme arrived. She brought with her some flip-flops for the school children, which we gave out (making sure they fitted well) and some edible treats. The message the project is trying to make here is that we came to support and see the elephants, and because they take care of the elephant they benefit too.

Spot the teacher giving a rousing rendition of head, shoulder, knees and toes

Sarah escaping the tentacles of the octopi

Kat gave a drawing class (star pupil in light blue at the back!)

Positive feedback from the kids

Alice & Katlosing at musical chairs

Chris doing his hot wok work - spring role master chef!

 The spring rolls went down well
Everyone at school

Tummy problems 

 Lek explaining the project to the children

Ella and Meg handing out flip flops

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