Sunday, 16 March 2014

Journey To Freedom Part 4 – Coffee Planting

At the first village our accommodation was in the Karen people’s homes. We spilt into two groups and put up our mosquito nets and arranged our thin mattresses.

Our group volunteer task our first full day at the village was planting coffee seeds. We used hoes to dig up soil, mixed it with animal fertiliser and planted about 200 seeds in small bags. When they are grown into seedlings these will be planted out under the shade of large trees.

To wash away the worst of the dirt we headed for a beautiful waterfall in the next valley. It was a cool and refreshing power shower. That evening after a delicious dinner we gathered round the campfire underneath a blanket of stars.

 Sarah out hoeing!

Our 200 coffee plants ready for watering

Now that is a real power shower

 Cooling off after a hard day digging

Local shower

The best campfire ever

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