Monday, 16 December 2013

Ko Adang

We arrived at the national park of Ko Adang in the late afternoon on 10th December by long tail boat.  The park is wholly dominated by jungle, tall trees and creepers. The park headquarters is understated, facilities are basic although there is a restaurant with a limited menu- and surprisingly no fresh seafood. Our bungalow with fan was clean and spacious, with the (now obligatory) hard mattress; somehow they make them harder than concrete! We have developed a system of packing out under the thin duvet with all our bagged clothes, and sleeping on top of it all. Unfortunately this does little to ease the pain and in the mornings we have to pray to Mecca and remember our sleeping dog poses from yoga to feel fluid again. That said, it is a small matter when the beauty of the park surrounds us. As well as bungalows there is the ability to camp and a transient population of guests, some of which we got to know.
The weather was great, no rain anymore. On our first full day we walked to the viewpoint, a clearly signed stomp up weathered granite outcrops intermingled with forest. Needless to say we left later than planned in the morning so we had a good work out in 34C. The views were worth it though, about 240m up we had a panorama that stretched from Ko Lipe, our Thai neighbour, to Lankawi, Malaysia. On the descent we came across a troop of Crab Eating Macaques resting in the shade. Then three long tailed Greater Racket Tailed 
Drongos settled close by. At first we thought they were birds of paradise as their tails looked so gracious. Unluckily we also attracted another creature of the forest; a tick which attached itself to Sarah's right upper eyelash. After a couple of days of discomfort it was removed safely by the health centre in Lipe (mandibles included).

Our Longtail captain at the front of his boat

Dozens of varieties of lizards make the jungle their home

Ants everywhere so careful where you stand

 Jungle as far as the eye can see

Crab eating macaques block our path

The Greater Racket Tailed Drongo

Chris, hot & sweaty!


  1. The Drongo's are beautiful!! Although, I the tick sounds horrific! Brave Sarah!! Where are you guys now? xxx

    1. Just got to Ko Lanta, we'll give you an update tomorrow xx

  2. Do we not get a picture of the tic? - John

  3. A real life David Attenborough experience or Christmas in wild wet windy Norfolk? - no contest - but at least we are tick free! Happy Christmas xx Sue and Roger