Monday, 16 December 2013

Snorkelling at Ko Adang

In the far south of Thailand, on the Malaysian border next to Ko Lipe and Lankawi is the Tarutao National Marine Park. This protected area consists of 51 islands located in the Adaman sea in the Satun Province. All of these islands have major restrictions on development and are generally inhabited by a few Chaolae villages, a traditional "sea gypsy" community that have now settled on various islands.

Established in 1974 the second of Thailand's national parks covers approximately 1500 square kilometres. The area includes many beaches which attract nesting turtles and some of the few remaining habitats of the Dugong, a relative of the Florida Manatee or "Sea Cow".

The restrictions on development mean that there are no, or very few, rubber plantations on these islands and therefore most of the islands are covered in jungle, full of birds and beasties. The park is also host to some of the most unspoilt coral reefs in all of the Adaman islands.

The majority of the species below you can see less than 50 metres from the south beach of Ko Adang where we stayed for 6 nights. We also took a day trip in a longtail (the traditional thai fishing boat) to various islands and rocky outcrops around Ko Adang where the majority of these picture are taken. Many thanks to our Turkish photographer Rawi for his underwater shots!

A Lion Fish, the 2nd most poisonous fish in the sea!

Clown fish hiding within their sea anemone

Giant clam

Soft coral

Indigo Parrot Fish

A Northern monkey!

A Southern fairy!