Sunday, 8 March 2015

The final step

As Eric Idle almost sang "Some things in life are sad and can really make you mad,….others make you laugh and smile and sing." The time had come to say farewell to some fond friends. After ten years of loyal service, we'd visited over 18 countries together, walked thousands of miles, through desert sands, jungle mud, Welsh marshes, soggy snow and Scottish heather. My trusty walking boots had had enough, packed in, fallen off their perch, gone to meet their maker, demised, deceased, trodden off their mortal coil these were now ex-boots! The cosy slippers that they had become, matching the comfort of a well loved loafer, were cracked and leaky and with each step you could decipher the texture of the smallest pebble through the now wafer thin sole. So it is time to say farewell to these much loved tramping twins, thank you Berghaus Boots, you shall not be forgotten!


  1. 'So long and farewell' to Sarah's trustworthy boots. 'Arrivederci' Xxx

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