Thursday, 5 March 2015


Whilst in Nelson, to escape our awful hostel, we ventured to the south of the city to explore the World Of Wearable art - WOW! What is it you may ask?

It's hard to describe but I suppose it stretches from extreme fashion to art suspended on the body with braces! The only requirement is that it must be able to be worn. The displays include mythical creature costumes, flowing dresses, a cathedral dress and bras made of wood! The standard of design and seamstressery was superb and the creations where highly inventive. Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj should check this place out!  

Established as a small show it is now a multi million dollar annual event, with entrants from all over the world. The competition categories include Other Worlds, Uniform and Architecture. Last year's top art works are displayed on a moving catwalk along with a recording of the show where they debuted.

Alongside the WOW is a classic car collection, something for everyone!

Nelson has a large artistic community, painters, potters and particularly famous jewellers including Jens Hansen the creator of "The One Ring" for The Lord of the Rings films. He made over 40 sizes of the Ring to be used in different scenes. The lettering (which became apparent when the ring was heated on the fire in the story) was added digitally during the editing.

Just balloons!

Dragons for arms - v Welsh!

Another Welsh entrant!

Can you get what this bra is called?......That's right......Knockers!

Madame Butterfly


See you later...or maybe earlier?!

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